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Wait What Funny Slang T-Shirt

Wait What Funny Slang T-Shirt and Products. 

Do you love using slang expressions and making people laugh? Then you need this Wait What Funny Slang T-Shirt and Products! This design features an illustration of a comma and a question mark, representing the idiom “wait, what?” that is exclaimed when someone suddenly realizes something isn’t right. The comma waits, the question mark asks, and the result is hilarious. Whether you are confused, surprised, or amused by something, this design will capture your reaction and make everyone smile. You can wear this design on a t-shirt, hoodie, mug, or any other product that you prefer. This design is also a great gift idea for your friends and family who enjoy slang and humor. Order this Wait What Funny Slang T-Shirt and Products today and have some fun with language!

This is a favorite for grammar teachers. We have more English Grammar Teaching Products here.

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Wait, What? PostcardWait, What? Postcard

Wait What Funny Slang T-ShirtWait, What? T-Shirt

Wait, What? ButtonWait, What? Button

Wait, What? Car Air FreshenerWait, What? Car Air Freshener

Wait What Funny Slang Grammar Humor PosterWait, What? Grammar Humor Poster

Wait, What? T-ShirtWait, What? T-Shirt

Wait What Funny Slang Custom Text Glossy iPhone 6 CaseWait, What? Custom Text Glossy iPhone 6 Case

Wait, What? Round PillowWait, What? Round Pillow

Wait, What? Mouse PadWait, What? Mouse Pad

Wait What Funny Slang Travel MugWait, What? Travel Mug

Wait What Funny Slang Two-Tone Coffee MugWait, What? Two-Tone Coffee Mug

Wait, What? NapkinWait, What? Napkin

Wait, What? Adult ApronWait, What? Adult Apron

Wait, What? PosterWait, What? Poster

Wait, What? Galaxy S5 CoverWait, What? Galaxy S5 Cover

Wait, What? Throw PillowWait, What? Throw Pillow

Wait, What? MagnetWait, What? Magnet

Wait, What? OrnamentWait, What? Ornament

Wait, What? Square StickerWait, What? Square Sticker

Wait, What? Can CoolerWait, What? Can Cooler

Wait, What? Shot GlassWait, What? Shot Glass

Wait What Funny Slang GlassWait, What? Glass

Wait What Funny Slang Bottle CoolerWait, What? Bottle Cooler

Wait What Funny Slang Spelling Crossbody BagWait, What? Spelling Crossbody Bag


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