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Moira Rose Wine Products – Funny Schitt’s Creek Quote

Moira Rose Wine Products – This Wine is Awful, Get me Another Glass. Funny quote designed with a wine glass graphic inspired by a Moira Rose quote from Comedy Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play Movies and Tv.

“This wine is awful, get me another glass!” is a famous quote by Moira and has become a popular quote from one of our favorite TV Sitcom Shows that portraits an overindulged family, Alexis, David, Moira and Johnny who are constantly bickering and providing viewers with laughter. It’s clever, witty, and very funny. Created by Dan Levy, Eugene Levy. With Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy,  and Annie Murphy.

Here’s a Clip on YouTube that shows an Exact Clip of when Moira tells Johnny this exact wine quote. – View Here.  Moira brings delight and humor into all of our lives with her ever-changing original accent.

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This Wine is Awful Moira Rose T-Shirts Moira Rose Wine Coasters - Schitt's Creek Quote

This Wine is Awful Get Me Another Glass Sticker

Glossy, Matte, and Transparent Stickers in different sizes.


This Wine is Awful Get Me Another Glass Greeting Card

Greeting Cards

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