Funny Cat Birthday Cards – Greetings and Postcards

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Funny Cat Birthday Cards – Custom Birthday Postcards and Greeting Cards

Funny Cat Birthday CardsGreeting Cards and Postcards. These birthday cards features a shorthair, grey stripe, mackerel tabby cat, – Scottish Fold Cat in a Sitting position. Funny Dry Humor Lazy Cat Says: “Happy Birthday. I made you a cake… but I ate it.” The other design says: “Happy Birthday. I thought about baking you a cake… but I got you this card instead.” The text can be changed to anything that you want it to say.  

Original Digital art painting by Donna Leger.

About this cat breed: These beautiful cats are adaptable and easy-going, but sometimes a little ‘stubborn’ and (like all cats) have a mind of their own! One other funny little ‘quirk’ that is unique to Scottish Fold Cats, is their strange ability to sit upright, on their butt with their back legs straight out, sort of like an otter, or even a furry little Buddha. They get their name from the unique way their ears are folded forward. This breed has a sweet, wide-eyed expression in a rounded head, a short neck, and a sturdy, compact or ’rounded’ (almost chubby) body. This makes them almost unbearably adorable and they retain this kitten-like cuteness even when adults

Funny Cat Birthday Cards: Two versions on Postcards and Greeting Cards

Funny Cat Cake Happy Birthday PostcardFunny Cat Cake Happy Birthday Postcard

Funny Cat Cake Happy Birthday Greeting CardFunny Cat Cake Happy Birthday Greeting Card

Funny Lazy Cat Happy Birthday PostcardFunny Lazy Cat Happy Birthday Postcard

Lazy Cat Happy Birthday Greeting CardLazy Cat Happy Birthday Greeting Card


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