Customize Text Zazzle Tutorial

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Customize Text Zazzle Tutorial

Learn how to customize Text Zazzle Tutorial with the Zazzle New Design Tool Personalize This Template Tutorial for buyers.

On Zazzle, you can customize the products and apparel on the ready-made templates. Some are not aware of this or don’t know how. Here’s an easy tutorial showing how to change the text to your own with these screenshots of our Christmas Penguin T-Shirt. View more of our Christmas Penguin T-Shirts here.

Create your own funny Christmas T-Shirt. Once you chose the Shirt, you will see “Personalize This Template” on the right side as shown in the screenshot below:

Customize Text Zazzle Tutorial New Design Tool Personalize This Template Tutorial

Once you click on “Personalize This Template”, a new box will appear with the space of where you change the text to your own. Here, you replace “Enter Your Text Here!” with your own. Enter a short funny saying or a cute Christmas quote and it will immediately show on the Shirt. On this specific template, it’s better to use 1 or 2 words per sentence since it’s made to go in the talking bubble. If you want to customize it further, look at the next step.

If you want to customize the text or design further, click on “Click to Customize Further” and you will see The Design Tool shown in the screenshot below. Here you have the option to Edit the text by changing your words, PLUS change the font style, the text color, and even the size of the text! Don’t be afraid to experience with it. There will be an UNDO button if you look at the top left of your screen.

That’s it! You can Create Your Own Cute Christmas Penguin T-Shirt here! Or find thousands of ready-made Christmas T-Shirts with text templates on Zazzle. 

If you want to get more in-depth:

YouTube Video Zazzle Chat: The Ins and Outs of the New Design Tool


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