Unique Phone Rings

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Unique Phone Rings – Phone Ring Holder & Stand

Phone prone to slips and drops? Get a grip and try our custom, Unique Phone Rings holders! The ring can be adjusted to any angle needed for you to hold, hang, or prop your device. Personalize a fun and functional accessory that stands out. Texting, taking selfies, and watching videos have never been easier or more comfortable.

  • Dimensions: 1.375”d (2.63” in length, including ring)
  • Material: silvertone metal
  • Compact and slim design (6.4mm)
  • Ring rotates 360° and flips 180° to adjust for any angle
  • Attaches securely to flat, non-textured surfaces
  • Removable; leaves no residue
  • Wipe surface clean, let air dry. Press firmly in place for 30 seconds.
  • Not compatible with magnetic car mounts


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Personalized Phone Grip Ring Stand
Personalized Phone Grip Ring Stand
by Irony Designs

We also have a lot of unique phone cases – Some even match the phone rings.

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