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Three Wise Penguins Products and Apparel

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. Three Wise Penguins Image Design. Three cute chubby penguins in black, white and orange. Parody of the popular 3 wise monkeys: The three monkeys are Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; Kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil; and Iwazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil. And this is the Penguin version. The Three Mystic Penguins.

Great for penguin lovers. Fully customizable and can be personalized! See all Merchandise with this 3 Wise Penguins Here! View the Three Wise Monkeys Here.

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  • T-Shirt


    price: $20.05
    Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. Three Wise Penguins Cute Graphic Design with Slogan.

    tags: christianity, three wise penguins, cute penguins, penguin, hear no evil, see no ...
  • Pinback Button

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    price: $9.50
    Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil with three penguins. A common phrase, usually used to descr...

    tags: christianity, spiritual, spirituality, slogan, saying, hear no evil, see no evil...
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