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Hallmark Maxine T-Shirts – Telling it like it is!

Maximum Sassitude! Featuring T-Shirts from the officially licensed store of Maxine and Floyd by creator John Wagner. We love her attitude and sassy opinion. Discover funny illustrations of Maxine on different styled T-Shirts and Shirts. Get a funny gift for all the Maxines in your life or create a unique gift for yourself. Their official merchandise is full of vibrant colors and Maxine’s honest opinions. Stay classy and sassy with cool custom products from Zazzle!

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She has graced the covers of countless greeting cards and been featured on mugs, t-shirts, calendars, ornaments and a host of other specialty items. Her quips have filled the pages of several best-selling books. She’s appeared on several TV shows and been written about in newspapers, magazines and blogs. 

The Queen of Crabbiness

Maxine has the ability to tell it–and frequently yell–it–like it is. Having been around the block a few times (or more) she can see the ridiculousness of modern life, and has no qualms about sharing her opinions. From sea to shining sea, Americans enjoy her no-nonsense take on relationships, aging, politics, the economy, stress, technology, the news and a host of other topics. She’s a voice for the people.

More Maxine Categories: | Absolutely Crabulous, Bundled Up, Crabby Chic in a Bath Robe, I Heart Max, I only nag the ones I love, A Great Big WHINE, Aging like a Fine Whiner!, America, I Love It, Apple Pie, Cranky Doodle Dandy, Everyone is Entitled to my Opinion, Gripers Unite!, I Couldn’t Care Less, I Love my Attitude Problem, I Put the “I” in Gripe, Margaritas, Maximum Sassitude, Pain in the Butt, Rebel Without a Bra!, Sassy Classy and still Kickin’ Assy!, Young at Heart, A Day Without Griping, Age Has Its Advantages, Fitness, Gripe the Gripe, I’m Myself Today, Monday, Mute the TV, Shabby before Chic, Status Update, You Were Right…… and more.

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